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Members book Sale

29th October 2018

The next book sale of ex-library and donated books will be on the 29th October, kicking off at 10am. As usual, an email will be sent out to inform Members that the sale has begun, after which the books will be available for a period of 28 days. Anyone wishing to purchase books will need to contact the Librarian, with books sold strictly on a first come first served basis.

This year there are two lists for you to go through – the first will be 50% off books which are left over from the last book sale. The second list is made up of new additions to the sale.

So do look out for the email on the 29th at 10am signaling the beginning of the sale.

The following copies of the British Army Review are being offered by a Member to any fellow Members who might be interested.

no. 31 April 1969
no. 35 August 1970
no. 36 December 1970
no. 37 April 1971
no. 38 August 1971
no. 39 December 1971
no. 41 August 1972

If you would like any of these editions, please contact the Librarian.


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