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Location Map

The Army & Navy Club Limited

36-39 Pall Mall

Call us on 020 7930 9721

Should you have any queries, would like further information or want to get in touch with us. Please feel free to leave us a voicemail if you are calling out of hours.

Main Fax: 020 7930 9720

Team Members

Ayres de Souza - Club Secretary
Phone: 020 7827 8081
Email: Secretary@armynavyclub.co.uk

Caroline Clarke - Membership Secretary
Phone:  020 7827 8024
Email: Membership@armynavyclub.co.uk

Emily Moss - Events Manager
Phone: 020 7827 8079
Email: Banqueting@armynavyclub.co.uk

Debora Drago - Front Hall Manager
Phone: 020 7930 9721
- Select Option 1 for Accommodation
- Select Option 4 for Coffee Room reservations and Car Park bookings
Email: Reception@armynavyclub.co.uk

Elana Kruger - Marketing Manager
Phone: 020 7827 8031
Email: Marketing@armynavyclub.co.uk

Heather Rock - Deputy Secretary / Human Resources Manager
Phone: 020 7827 8084
Email: HR@armynavyclub.co.uk

Younger Members (Under 35's)
Phone: 020 7827 8031
Email: YoungerMembers@armynavyclub.co.uk