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The Rag

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Members event in the Ladies Drawing Room at the Army & Navy Club Gift membership at The Rag

Would any of your network of business and service associates benefit from membership at The Rag? The Army & Navy Club combines the affordability, ambience and style of an Officer’s mess with the comfort and facilities of a home in London.

Should you want to recommend potential new Club Members at 'The Rag', please click here to download the document.


It is always difficult to select an appropriate present for loved ones at Christmas and birthdays. If you would like to consider providing them with a gift that will provide pleasure throughout the year, why not arrange a personalised gift membership at 'The Rag'? Please contact the Membership Office who will be able to offer guidance. The gift membership will be beautifully packaged to be presented to the recipient. Call 020 7930 9721 or email Caroline Clarke, Membership Secretary - Membership@TheRag.co.uk