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Family Eligibility Membership

The Army & Navy Club has a long tradition of accepting the relatives of current and former members as members of the Club and in many cases this has led to families having a ‘tradition’ over three or four generations of association with the ‘Rag’.

If you are a direct family member of a current, or former, member please continue below

Membership subscriptions from 1st January 2016



Applicants between the ages of 29-35


Applicants under the age of 29


Widow/Widower of a former member of the Army & Navy Club

Widow/Widower of a former member of the Army & Navy Club over the age of 75 £330.00

Family Package (includes spouses or civil partners and their children between the ages of 18 to 21)


Family Package of spouses or civil partners who are both aged over 75


Applicants aged between 35 and 75


Applicants over age 75


IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR FAMILY TO ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP, the Family package is offered so that all members of the package may make use of the facilities of the Army & Navy Club and applies to a husband and wife or civil partners and any of their children between the ages of 18-21.  In such cases, please ensure that the supplementary pages providing details of the spouse/civil partner and qualifying children are completed.

All those accepted into the Family Package are subject to the Rules of the Club

The application process and Payment of Subscription

All applicants, applying under the terms of family eligibility are required to obtain the support of two, appropriately qualified, current members of the Club to act as Proposer and Seconder to their application.


In the case of a widow/widower of a former member applying for membership, please contact the membership Office for additional assistance with the application requirements.

If your eligibility to apply for membership is based upon your relationship to a former member, please provide a photocopy of documentation corroborating your relationship.

Should you require further guidance, regarding the above, please contact the Membership Office on 020 7827 8024 or by email   membership@therag.co.uk


The initial phase of the application process will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks (subject to the application form being correctly completed)

Please may we advise you that no payment is required upon applying.  Payment details will be provided once an offer of membership is made.

Please be aware that upon an offer of membership being made you will be advised of your constitutional status under the terms of the Club Rules, since in some cases Associate membership of the Club may be offered.

Should an offer of Associate membership be made, may we clarify that this status does not restrict the member’ usage of the Club and its facilities however, there are limitations on their constitutional rights.  Associate members are unable to:

  1.  Stand as Proposer or Seconder to any applicant.  An exception is made in the case of an immediate relative.
  2. They may not vote on Club matters
  3. They may attend the Club annual AGM but may not participate in the

If you need further guidance, please contact the Membership Office on 020 7827 8024

Or by email   membership@therag.co.uk

Primary Applicant

* Required Fields

Please note that your details as selected above will be reflected on the club records unless we are advised otherwise.

Relatives Eligibility

Please attach a document corroborating your connection with the relative described above

Supplementary members within the family package arrangements

You may like to take this opportunity to apply for the family package arrangements so that your family may also make use of the facilities of the club on an independent basis

The family package comprises of the principal member, their spouse/ civil partner and any of their children between the ages of 18-21

The address details of the principal member will be used by the club for all members of the family package.

Please note that all family members will be bound by the rules of the club

Details of Spouse/Civil Partner

Details of Children Between the ages of 18-21

First Candidate

Second Candidate

Third Candidate


Certified by Proposer

  years *

Certified by Seconder

  years *

Signature Of Applicant and Agreement

I, the undersigned confirm that I wish to apply for membership of the Army & Navy Club.

Should I be accepted for membership, I accept that a contract exists between the Army & Navy Club and myself. Accordingly, I agree to be bound by the Rules and Regulations of the club and accept the responsibility to appraise myself of any changes to the rules as they are published.

Signatures of Supplementary Members within a Family Package

Spouse/Civil Partner

Qualifying Children in Family Package


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